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A creative social entrepreneur idea that turned Kashmiri Lady into a multimillionaire woman

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When Kashmir was burning in the fire of extreme militancy, violence and blood shedding condition. When the noise of guns, people’s violence was at its peak, an entrepreneurial creativity took place somewhere in the small part in the valley. As social entrepreneur idea tries to heal the gap of uncertainty in the society, same role it played in the valley to bring out an enormous change in the life of people.  Nusrat Jahan Ara – a Kashmiri woman entrepreneur, who started from her backyard garden to build a multicrore floriculture company. This 38 year old lady from Doodra Village, Pulwama Distt. in Kashmir made something sensible and worthy remembering. Journey behind her social entrepreneur idea. Being a 2010 computer graduate, she quite her job for starting her own social entrepreneur idea. Starting from growing flowers in the backyard of her ancestral home and selling them today, she is not just running…

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Meet India’s best 5 ‘ultimate hit’ and ‘constructive’ social entrepreneur ideas.

social entrepreneur ideas.

The success of nations worldwide is the result of encouraging and rewarding the entrepreneurship instinct. Many people know that being an entrepreneur has its benefits for the individuals. But what they don’t think about is the benefits that entrepreneurship has for the society. Apart from creating jobs by opening business, the entrepreneurs also donate a great deal of their time and money. They create innovative products that change how the world works. Today lets meet India’s best 5 ‘ultimate hit’ and ‘constructive’ social entrepreneur ideas that really revolutionised the Indian society. Related :  10 Starting Mantras every newbie needs to know for starting a business. India’s Top 5 ultimate social entrepreneur ideas that really worked and proved best worth for the society. 1. Neerja Birla’s Mpower  brings ‘much needed’ spotlight on the mental wellness of Indian Youth The first in our list of social entrepreneur ideas is Neerja Birla, founder and chair…


Top 5 Stunning career paths sensing more than an MBA.

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“In the digital age of overnight success stories such as facebook, the hard slog is easily overlooked.” A big thanks to influence of the digital age, the stereotypes are slowly finding their exit route. Those stereotypes, who always used to evaluate your market value solely based on your grades, collages and the number of degrees you owned. Therefore the students themselves today could create their brilliant career paths. In today’s digital era, your grades don’t matter as much as they used to and if you are enough talented you can yourself find an amazing job. Just with your base qualifications. Those looking to take their career to the next levels often find themselves the pros and cons of taking up an MBA. Although most of us blindly trust career paths like MBA. Still many people consider MBA as totally opposite of its name. They want degree of MBA to get…


10 Starting Mantras every newbie needs to know for starting a business.

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By thinking of starting a business, every newbie means it as commitment, excitement, thrill, adventure, passion and yeah, scaring too. Hey friends. As I have met and seen many of the newbies in my surroundings, who really have courage to think something out of the box and want to achieve that but feel it difficult or confusing to start about. So today I found it sharing top 10 must do processes every newbie needs to know before starting a business. Even if any of starting idea is roaming in your mind as well, I’ll suggest you to go through this content completely. According to many experienced and developed business personalities, it is bit like climbing that rocky mountain that looks thrill to climb but has variety of difficulties attached with it. Like as Alt. Sickness, Temperature, Weather, Falls, Avalanche, summit fever and so on…… You may not know what’s up ahead…


Best proven tricks of conquering fear of failure for youth.

conquering fear of failure for youth

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve is the fear of failure.” 90% times, fear of failure is entirely a turning reality. If you want to conquer something in your life, you need to do something huge. Fear is not real. The only place where the fear can exist is only the folks of the future. Fear is just an insanity you can talk about. You can either live your dreams or fears. Now the real question arises, what actually your fears are ? Let me tell you so that you could come to know the best proven tricks of conquering fear of failure for youth. Top best proven tricks of conquering fear of failure for youth that actually work in my life too. In my previous post regarding What is motivation and how it can be use to control mind ? – Amazing and proven Ideas, I…


This is how you can overcome your unknown ‘fear’ of life and could become actual fearless.


Becoming fearless is very massive challenge for each and everyone in our lives. A habit of being fearless is very important aspect in our life to succeed. Each one of us have gifted strength in us. We do have something special in us. Only the thing is that we have to find it. When you will come to know about your inner strength man, not even a single power of this world is gonna stop your strength and uniqueness to chase your dreams. Not even a single strength of the world could last long in front of your will power. You’ll start getting answers that your success is hidden inside you and no where else outside. Your passion is within you. your inner strength is within you, what you wanna be is all within you. Just be fearless and chase your passion. You have made your mind like, “I have…


What is motivation and how it can be use to control mind ? – Amazing and proven Ideas

What is motivation

What is motivation ? Why you should be motivated to remain focused towards your goal ? What is motivation in actual sense ? Motivation can not be defined in a limited sense. Perhaps it could be defined as an inner force that pushes or thrusts us hard to remain completely focused towards our valuable goals and well defined targets that we set in our life. The first step that we have to follow to be motivated is to ‘start‘ the thing we are passionate about. To start that particular thing we are passionate about is firstly we need to know the urgency, I mean to ask yourself why you should do it, what is a purpose behind doing it ? What you have to do and how it could be done ? And most important- What it will take to be done ? I know there will be hell lot…


Top 3 desserts most sisters preferred for this year’s rakhi festival in India

Top 3 desserts most sisters preferred

The pious festival of Rakhi has arrived here in India. There are the two main concerns that all sisters keep in their respective minds, the first and the most loved one is the ‘money’  and the other one is considered as ‘sweets or desserts’ that shall be used during tying that pious thread on brother’s wrist. So I wanna share with you the Top 3 desserts most sisters preferred for this year’s rakhi festival in India. If you have brought up your dessert or sweet dish for rakhi, then it is okay to perform prayers with that brought stuff. But yeah ! If you still haven’t brought sweets for pooja (prayers) I would like you to suggest Top 5 desserts most sisters preferred for performing their rakhi pooja. And if you want to prepare the stuff at your home, you can do that either. 😀 Top 3 desserts most sisters preferred for this year’s…