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2017 KTM Duke 390 Quick Review, Specialties, Mileage, Price after GST

2017 KTM Duke 390 Quick Review, Specialties, Mileage, Price after GST

So how are you all there ? As if you’re a stunt bike fan, must be waiting for the thriller, right? If is it so, then your wait has finally came to an end as the 2017 KTM 390 has landed now in the Indian capital from the lands of Austria and it ready for rolling down in the ever busy Indian streets. That why to make your passion more thrilling, I will introduce you to 2017 KTM Duke 390 Quick Review, Specialties, Mileage, Price after GST in my today’s blog post.

The all new 2017 KTM Duke 390 Quick Review, Specialties, Mileage, Price after GST

KTM Duke 390 Specialties.

KTM Duke 390 Specialties.

To say that he 390 Duke from the hub of KTM was an absolute game changer when it launched in India, could be an absolute truly said statement. This was a motorcycle that set a new standard and what could be expected from a single standard.

With its feature like weight and razor sharp handling, the 390 Duke could blaze through the city traffic and carb up curvy roads, brilliantly. Now in the 2017, KTM has given an updated 390 Duke which is supposed to be better motorcycle(s) from the previous one.

The 2017 Duke 390 has been nicknamed ‘The Corner Rocket’ by the KTM. As it comes with no surprise that this bike is absolutely a Dynamite along corners too.

New KTM Duke 390 Quick Review and Specs.

The amazing split headlight unit at front gives a look like an inverted pitch fork. Which is also loaded with all LED head lamps and day time running lamps too. Also the stunning aluminium column that runs down in the center of the headlight also controls the heat sink behind it to disappear the heat generated by the electronic pieces in it.

Talking about its fuel tank, the fuel tank is all new, built out if steel and capable of holding upto 13.5 kilolitres of fuel in it. Remembering about the Duke 250, the well chiseled fuel tank is more vertical and more forward in line before.

Underneath the tank is bright orange fin that we have come to associate with Dukes. It’s been modified with 390 and now features on an exposed bolt out sub frame. The sub frame disappears seamlessly under the back seat, portraying the 390 Duke as some of its parts.

New KTM Duke 390 Quick Review and Specs.

Other cosmetic changes include a simpler under belly pen, a side slung exhaust and newly designed seats. This special 390 Duke is quite the looker on the whole. It looks raw, brilliant and the best ever ready beast for the action on the roads now.

What’s more interesting and pretty special to see is its all colored TFT screen crowned at the top of its headlamps. This colored instrument display that can even get connected to your smartphone and will also control your phone calls and audio. The 390 update of the Duke also receives the major upgrade in equipment and features. Also the menus on the screen could be controlled by the buttons placed on the left switch gear. Like your smartphones, its screen is also light adaptive, in the sense that it will adjust the brightness and colors of the screen to match the ambient light conditions.

Additionally, the 390 Duke now gets an adjustable brake and clutch levers to adapt the various gloves and the other hand sizes. Now the knuckle guards have been carried over the previous 390 DUKE.

Another feature which really makes the riding experience even more brilliant, is the slipper clutch. Well, not a new feature it is still a very welcomed in it yet.

How Much is its Engine Capacity and Mileage?

This 2017 390 Duke is powered by the same 373 cc liquid cooled single cylinder unit as a predecessor. With power figure remaining unchanged with the 43.5 HP, the torque bump has been felicitated by the use of larger air box.

As KTM 390 is wholly and solely a racing bike, thus its mileage is fully dependent on its proper maintenance. Mileage in the city roads of the 2017 Duke 390 is recorded up to 18-20 kms/ltrs. Whereas mileage on the free roads is recorded up to merely 25 kms/ltrs.

How Much is its Engine Capacity and Mileage?

The another interesting addition done to the 2017 Duke 390 is a ride by wire throttle which could be also seen in the RC 390. On the track, you’ll immediately notice the effect of ride by wire throttle. The opening, closing and modulation of your throttle is wonderfully smoothened out, giving you much more control over the manner and quantum of the power delivery.

The 390 Dukes claims a crowning glory, however, is not the explosive engine performance.

Brakes and Discs.

2017 KTM Duke 390 Quick Review, Specialties, Mileage, Price after GST

The 390 Duke comes with the 320 mm front disc and a 230 mm rear disc. It is also armed with switchable 2 channel bosche developed ABS. There is an upgrade in the ABS too. As it gets 3 modes now off-mode and super-mode.

With the inclusion of ride by wire on the strong brakes it is more manageable than ever.

Price of 2017 Duke 390

It does cost more than its predecessor, few if any will disagree that you get so much more for that extra buck. The cost that you need to pay for the purchase of 2017 Duke 390 is Rs. 2.28-2.50 lacs INR that is nearly around $ 3555 – 3898 USD.

KTM Duke 390 Specialties.

Get Video Access Here : Autocar India.

Ending Words by the Editor.

The 2017 Bike KTM 390 is yet another the phenomenal bike from the home of KTM. As it really resets the rule so what can be achieved from a single cylinder engine. It is full of equipment and features and is absolutely striking to look at. So KTM has produced a more great motorcycle and made it even better if that was even possible. This 390 Duke is sharper than before and looks just brilliant and gets a lot of new features for a slight increase in the price. However, even though it is so manageable now that people who liked the maniac nature of the old motorcycle are going to missing on this one.

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