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Apple Unboxing These 3 New iPhones And Plenty Of Other Products

Apple iWatch

On September 12, 2018, Apple itself unboxes the big bonanza in front of the world. As per the last minute sources, this big bonanza is expected to include the 3 new iPhones and many other products as well, at its media event on the same day. As per the Bloomberg sources, the company had worked out to provide its customers with a giant display quality in Apple iPhone X Max.

iPhone X Max would be one of the 3 new iPhones being introduced at the event by Apple

As we know that 2018 is heading towards an end, this year also Apple has come up with different mindsets and ideas in its this year’s updated content list.

The world’s most iconic public company will be launching not only the X series, the 3 new iPhones but differently upgraded versions of the iPad Pros, larger screen Apple watches, new entry-level laptops with sharper screens and new accessories like the air power wireless chargers.

It suggests that there could be a 6.1 inch LCD iPhone that might be called as “iPhone XR”, and could be priced anywhere from around $699-$849. Another change that Apple has put in the phone is the use of aluminum edges at the place of stainless steel edges. 

3 new iPhones Of Apple iPhone X Series

After watching the prior product launch reviews, now it exactly is the reality, what Steve Jobs said on the launch of his first iPhone in the year 2007. –

iPhone is a revolutionary and a magical product that is literally 5 years ahead of any other mobile phone.

If we’ll talk about the iPad, this time Apple has shown major improvement in the device by altering the USBC connectors in the place of Apple’s traditional Lightening Ports. And in the launch of the Apple watch series 4, you’ll witness the electrocardiogram (EKG) functionality that will be used to measure the improved heart-rate monitoring.

When Be Will The Product Launch?

Though the product launches will begin on Wednesday in Steve Jobs Theater at the Company’s Apple Part Headquarters. It is obvious the main focus of the company and the audience would be mainly on Apple’s latest iPhone models. Because it is still the company’s most important product that mainly does generate about 2/3rds of the revenue.

What Upgrades/Changes Will Be Witnessed in 3 New iPhone X Models?

Apple iPhone Xs will be one of the top 3 new iPhones This Year

Yeah, the device will be called as iPhone Xs. An upgraded version of iPhone X, with 5.8 screens will be added with the fastest processors and upgraded cameras in it. It will come in gold, grey and silver versions from the one launched in the last year.

Now, talking about another version of the iPhone taken from the last year is 6.5 inched phone. To signify its even larger screen that it could be differentiated from Apple iPhone 8, Apple is likely to give this iPhone a new name as ‘iPhone Xs Max’.

Talking about the third phone. It will be a low-cost version of the iPhone X. As it’ll roughly have a 6.1-inch screen with LCD, instead of the newer OLED technology. It will be using aluminum instead of the stainless steel edges and could come in several additional colors.

What’s The Price Range of These Newly Launched iPhones?

Apple iPhone X Series

Just a few years ago Apple’s iPhone had started at $649 USD for the smaller one model and $749 USD for the larger one model.

Now, with the launch of these upgrades, it seems that the prices of some of these new iPhones are also expected to go up.

As the new entry-level iPhone X max 6.1 inches may start at $749 with iPhone Xs 5.8 inches in at $949 USD and the giant 6.5 inch-screen model may cost up to $ 1,049 USD.

What Are The Additional Products, That Apple Offer This Time?

There are other things also that Apple has offered to its consumers. It is in the likes of a Wireless Charger, New MacBook, Revamped iPad Pros, Pro Focused MacMini, that Apple takes charge to offer along with the launch of iPhone X new series.

Apple iWatch

While being a market leader, the Apple watch still is not getting sold in hype in the market, like that of the higher sales of the products like Macs, iPads, and iPhones.

However, Apple TV, HomePods and AirPods also have proven to be the best revenue makers for Apple.

The Description of Apple’s 4 Other Products.

  • AirMac Wireless Chargers.

Apple’s charging Pad that can simultaneously charge iPhone, iWatch, AirPods without plugging them into it.

  • New MacBook

A low-cost laptop with a 13-inch retina display.

  • Revamped iPad Pros

In iPad pros, the slimmer bezels and face ID will prove to be the best alternatives of the previous set of the home button and fingerprint sensors.

Will appear in 11-inch and12.9-inch sizes.

  • Pro Focused MacMini

For the first time in four years, it will be seen that Apple has really worked a hell out in updating its Mac Mini computer.

The desktop won’t come with a screen, mouse or a keyboard.

Will be worth to professional graphic designers and other professional users who’ve been asking for the new Macs to meet their more demanding needs.

After Samsung‘s launch of its new Galaxy Note 9 worth $1000 USD, Samsung is all set to make another benchmark for its consumers in the market. Next month Google is also going to hold a grand event where it is likely to show its newest Pixel smartphone set up with the new updates and upgrades.

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