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Top 5 Highly Rated Tech Blogs That Are Recommended To You To Go Through On Daily Basis


Do surfing a hell of websites and blogs make you frustrated for which one to follow? After Google Searching your query does this question keep your head spanking – “what are the best tech blogs of 2018 that I must find convenient and worth to read?”

Well, if yes then I can assure you with a proper solution to your this problem.

With lots of research and hard work, I have summed up the blog posts that are really worth to read for you.

If you’re a reading fan or a novel reader or any tech blog reader, I bet you that these blogs that I will be going to mention you down will be preferable and curious to read ones.

I could also make you sure that these blogs will be those that not only be solving your queries but also making you more knowledgeful and wisely thinker.

If you’re a traveler, a writer, a reader or a reading loving person and want to have a suitable number of selected blogs in your pocket, then this blog post is absolutely for you.

I bet you that this content/article published by me is full of amazing and needful information for you all.

Thus, I request you to stay tuned to this content until the end and do feed your mind with much-needed content.

Best Tech Blogs 2018: Highly Recommended Ones To Be Read On A Daily Basis 

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Now, do you want to feed your mind with the best knowledge and info?

Are you a continuous internet and web surfer who is looking for valuable and worthy content that has any meaning when read?

Are you a tech maniac who wants to get updated with something new each and every time?

So if you are having these queries running in your mind again and again, then this blog would be providing you with the proper solution by providing you with the best tech blogs of 2018 that you must obviously refer.

Presenting you the top latest technology blogs you must refer to as per day per reading.

1. Tech Crunch

If you’re looking for reliability, flexibility, and innovation in the technology, then I must say that Tech Crunch really is an excellent tech blog to be relied upon. And one of the top tech blogs in the US.

Founded in the year 2005, Tech Crunch is a tech contented company that is situated in Palo Alto, California in the United States of America.

Being one of the top founded websites for reading and knowing the latest tech info, it is globally ranked 2,621 and is ranked at the 1,008th position in the United States.

Tech Crunch is also a leading technology media property, directed to obsessively profiling the startups, reviewing new internet products and breaking tech news also.

Talking about the engagements of this site, then there is an undoubted clearance that this site has a huge user, trustworthy unique and returning visitor base that use to stay connected with this site for the regular updates.

Now you can see that the website having the higher userbase has more tendency to get the more user trust to it.

Now you might be got an that why tech crunch is sailing in the seas of being favorite sites regarding the tech information and knowledge on the internet.

Also since 2010, it is a trademark to every viewer whenever they seek internet to get the news about the technology or any innovative business startup taking place in any corner of the world.

Then on the mobile screens of the users’ Tech Crunch do becomes one of the reliable and trustworthy blogs for the users.

Now, it’s time to move and to get the reasons for the next blog from our checklist of best tech blogs 2018.

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2.  Mashable

Found by Pete Cashmore in 2005, Mashable is full-fledged digital media and a tech website. And one of another top tech blogs in the United States.

Being felicitated in the first International Open Web Awards on Jan 10, 2008, in San Francisco in the United States, Mashable became a winner of this award along with the other big players of the league in the likes of Facebook, Google, Digg, Twitter, ESPN, CafeMom, and Pandora.

Being a digital media website based on the technology, Mashable got in the sight of its every second and third viewer who visited at any time.

The provision of the complete and satisfying content is the first and foremost task of every website present on the internet today.

Same is the task Mashable wants to pursue to be the first and foremost trustworthy website and blog for their user.

With a global rank of 2,575 and a country rank of 911, the tech website named as a Mashable has a monthly engagement of 2.26 million number of visits on their site.

Mashable has become a brand for the people when it comes to choosing among the top best tech blogs for the new updates and breaking technology news.

Nowadays, Mashable has also become a trademark for the viewers who are in search of the tech blogs or websites for getting to know what’s new in the market regarding any tech or innovations.

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3.  Gizmodo

On number third in the checklist of best tech blogs of 2018 is Gizmodo. One of the popular tech blogs to be consulted and one of the recommended blog in best technology blog list.

Gizmodo has often played a prominent role in maintaining the trust of the viewers in the contents that it provides to the daily tech news surfers on the internet.

289th spot ranked in the United States and 917th worldwide rank, Gizmodo is also counted among the top trusted site that provides regular tweets on Twitter and other social media channels.

Talking about the engagements of this blog, so Gizmodo is a website portal/blog that is pretty capable of engaging the number of 74.24 million unique viewers on their landing page monthly.

Now you can yourself evaluate that the web portal with such a huge amount of unique viewers would be pretty much able to win the hearts of millions of customers by providing them with the qualitative and better content that they (viewers) could ever enjoy reading.

Our research also found that 99.99% of the traffic on Gizmodo is directly from organic search, Google.

Which could act as another evidence in getting to know that how an important and trustworthy blog might it be to the internet surfers day to day.

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4.  Engadget

On number Fourth in our checklist of best tech blogs, 2018 is Engadget. Another one of the popular blog post that most of the online population would surf whenever there is something new and attractive about the technology.

Of course, whenever there is the launch of any new technology and innovation in the consumer market, Engadget is the blog that tends to convey you with a pure information on it.

The Engadget blog mostly writes on the smartphones, entertainment, reviews, bitcoin and other technologies and innovations that are prevailing in the market or are going to make their way through in the world markets.

If we will talk about its ranking factor, then precisely we get to know that, Engadget is doing better in the rankings also. Like, it has a global ranking of 1,414 position and 858th position in the United States of America.

Engadget is also having a huge visitor engagement of nearly around 55.5 million people visiting its site per month, with US, Japan, and China being the particular nations with highest visitors.

Now, as per today’s era, we know that like your nation, US, China, and Japan also have most of the viewers who generally are the tech-savvy or we can say the tech maniacs.

So that’s the point we can believe in the site’s information that they are providing is trustworthy and believable.

Now after knowing about the Engadget site, let’s now move towards our last highly rated and recommended blog that needs to be followed by the users like you to stay updated with the technological inventions and innovations.

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5. Wired

Founded in the year 1992 and headquartered at San Fransisco, USA, Wired is also one of the popular tech blogs that the internet surfers like to visit through to get answers to their finding queries.

Also through Wired, the users like you who are willing to get informed about the business news, startups and technical inventions and innovations are thus recommended to visit through this blog for the proper information intake.

If you are a keen learner and informee of Science and Technology, then I will surely recommend you to visit this blog for getting valuable and regular updates regarding your required content you are looking for.

If you are a kind of person who is keenly interested in searching the ideas regarding any of your passion and want to convert that into your valuable profession, then I must recommend you that Wired blog is absolutely designed and created for you.

Also these days too we do observe that the young guns of the society or the young generation are more passionate these days to pursue their passion and make it their profession, thus they have a hell lot of ideas evolving through their minds to initiate practically, for that too is an absolute website/blog that will surely help you in generating and exploring your raw talent and shaping that into the reality.

And talking about the monthly user base of this blog, then there is no doubt if we will get to know about this site is pretty capable of generating 28.61 million unique site visitors per month.

Which means that this blog is a trustworthy readable digest to 28.61 million readers like you.

So visiting this website for proper surfing would precisely be a great option for you.

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Editor’s Word Of Conclusion

In the end, I would like to convey to you that this is the only Part 1 of our current content regarding the top 5 best tech blogs 2018 that every one of you must visit to get the complete and worthy tech regarding information.

This was the information about highly rated best tech blogs that you should visit this year.

Another thing that I want to convey to you all readers is that Part 2 will be posted soon on our blog that will be on the topic – Providing You With The Latest Technology Blogs List That Will Make Your Day If You’re a Tech Savvy Person

And after that, I would be posting the third part of it which would be like low rated best tech blogs that viewers might miss to read.

Guys, soon we would be providing you with content series about the best blogs to read this year.

These upcoming post feeds would be covering the different niches sites that you all may use and we promise you all to provide with the best.

To stay tuned to these upcoming contents, you simply have a free subscription to our newsletter. Just enter your email and hit the ‘Yes‘ button below. If you have any content or article suggestions, please do tell us in our Write Us column in the menu below.

And yeah, if you’re a blogger and want to submit a guest post on technology niche/topic, we would love to appreciate that, if your article meets our content policies.
















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