The Highly Recommended Best Tech Blogs For United States Tech Lovers

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Don’t you think the best way to start off your day should be through feeding your mind with the suitable knowledge? As per the saying of our ancestors, the mind in the morning has a higher tendency to grasp the things fed to it.

So, if we are the technology lovers what could be more interesting and amazing than feeding our mind with the technology news?

So in this blog post, I am going to make you familiar with the top 5 best tech blogs in the United States that you should read, is a technology loving person.

But before we could go further, I’ll suggest you go through an article about what are the best tech blogs of 2018 to follow.

Because I am damn sure that if you’ll go through this article you’ll love to know many of the interesting facts and figures about the blogs that I’ve mentioned in that link.

The internet is exploding with a various number of personal tech blogs as well as the latest technology blogs as well. Also, let it be regarding any other niche/topic too.

But it is true that the internet is really expanding with the content as well as the readers and a heavy number of subscribers as well.

Almost all of the internet users are getting their all queries solved.

Talking about the technology lovers only. If there is any new smartphone out on the market, people rush towards the internet and get to know about its features, specs, release date and price.

Similarly the new application or game is out, people rush towards the internet to look for the features.

Now, if you’re passionate about reading and exploring about what’s new in the area of technology and seek to be a part of the active community who do tend to connect with these tech blogs for the updates then I must say that you’re on a right path to get to know about the technology blogs list.

Below I would be mentioning you with the top 5 best tech blogs of 2018 that you must choose to study on the daily basis to gain more knowledge and updates about the exploring of technology in today’s era.

The Highly Recommended Best Tech Blogs For United States Tech Lovers

best tech blogs 2018 usa
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Here are the top 5 latest technology blogs to be referred to on the daily basis if you’re a United States citizen.

Also to make you know that these tech blogs are those that are highly recommended to you.

As if you’re looking to get updated with the technology so you should definitely visit these tech blogs to stay updated with the latest technology news.

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So, here are the best tech blogs for you:

1. Business Insider (

2. Recode (

3. Cnet (

4. Futurism (

5. Fast Company (

Now, let’s get to know about the facts of each of these blogs and see what’s so special about them and their content and why these should be preferred to be read on the daily basis by the people.

Business Insider

Yes, the perfect combination of everything you have. Business Insider is a website that not only focuses on the technology but if you want to keep yourself updated on the other topics let it be sports, ideas, finance and the other trending stories.

Business Insider is a fast-growing business site with a deep financial, media, tech and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, this blog is now one of the leading business news websites in the world.

It will always keep you updated with the best and amazing information.

Well, most that I would like to suggest you is to go through their tech-related content.

As the way in which they convey their message to their customers or viewers is the best part you should learn as a content writer/maker.

Now let me take you to the interesting part, that is how much is the visitor base of this blog/website per month.

As per the data, this multi-niche blog is ranked on 315th position globally and 92nd position in the United States of America.

Talking about the visitor base, then undoubtedly this blog is carrying a huge visitor base of 160.31 million visits on a per month basis, now through this, you could have an estimate about what type of content, this blog/website is capable of providing to you.

Now, let’s move to another blog and see it’s possibilities and capabilities.


The second in our list of top 5 tech blogs in the United States, is Recode.

Popular and trusted blog brand among the readers. Yes, another one of the latest tech blogs that has a complete information about the technology.

Talking about some of the interesting facts about the Recode is that, it has a monthly traffic of 3.23 million people who tend to visit their sites o the monthly basis.

From business to social media and from uber to games, Recode has covered each and every topic in the blog for you.

Recode always has been updating its readers with something new that is happening in the market.

Nowadays, it is becoming one of a leading progressive tech business brands.

In their blog, the amazing tech contents are written for the dynamic readers like you to get to know about what’s going on in the technology market.

The interesting thing to get through Recode is that its content does inspire readers to think beyond the traditional limits of thinking for the invention and the innovations taking place in the market.

Now, let us move to the next blog in our list.


The buzzer among all the websites, that’s why we have listed this blog in our list of the latest best tech blogs for you.

If you’re a big fan of the blogs and websites like BBC, Business Insider, Tech Insider, Entrepreneur, Inc and the informative blogs like these, then like them Cnet is also a blog/website that most of the readers do prefer to get the updates and the fresh content prevailing in the market.

Globally ranked 264 and with a user base of 191.7 million monthly visits buzzing around this blog, the Cnet is one of the most trusted and favorite blog for the readers.

If you are a citizen of the United States, then I’m pretty sure that you’d gonna love this blog for reading the updates and new contents.

As Cnet covers the most of its users and traffic base from the nations in the likes of the United States of America, India, and the United Kingdom.

And along with it if you’re looking for trending news, videos regarding tech and other hots prevailing in the market or want to get the ideas about the new innovations, and other things, then I must say you bookmark the Cnet’s blog contents in your browser.


You’re leaving fast for your workplace, oh no, what was trending about the google today?

Yes, we tend to miss these kinds of news and updates when are in hurry to rush to our respective works.

Futurism is a kind of blog that will take care of your those contents that you had missed today while fastly rushing to your offices or workplaces.

Yes, if you’re also interested in the blogs like science and technology or don’t want to miss the contents regarding the science and the technology, then I must suggest that Futurism’s blog contents are absolutely there for you.

The type of the news and content that you will be getting through their blog will be covering the future of technology taking place in the likes of Artificial Intelligence, Humanity, Robotics, Virtual Reality and many more things that today we tend to search the most.

Now let’s have a look upon the user based facts and figures of this blog/website.

According to the sources the Futurism also has a healthy user base of 4.57 million visitors that use of visit this blog per month.

Now you can see that how much trust Futurism has been able to make among its users.

Fast Company

The last blog in our today’s best technology blog list is the Fast Company.

The leading progressive tech and business media brand have an amazing and unique editorial main focus on the content regarding innovation in the technology, leadership, and design.

The best feature about the blog of the fast company is that being a regular blog/content reader it has the contents written to attract the dynamic readers like you.

The blog articles of Fast Company will always inspire you to think to gain the energy to think beyond the traditional limits and also encourages you to create the future of business.

Talking about the facts and figures regarding the traffic on the blog, then precisely, this website covers a monthly traffic of about 10.65 million people visiting their blog.

The main thing is that it has a vast number of Twitter followers as well through which we get that it is also a well-known and a trusted readers brand among the readers.

And being a regular reader you could be able to get the daily updates on the technology changes on it.

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