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This Silicone Heart will Provide you an Extra Lifeline even after the Heart Failure

So, How are you all there? Today after scrolling Twitter continuously, what I found is stunning, I mean yeah… absolutely stunning. Many of you must be knowing this common dangerous attack called as ‘Heart Failure’, right? It’s although said that, ‘a heart attack has the chances to revive, but when it fails you’re absolutely dead’. But the science and research have gifted mankind lifeline now even after the Heart Failure. Shocked ! Yes, it is true. Now your blood will temporarily circulate more with the help of a Silicone Heart‘. The question here arises now, Do Artificial Hearts Exist ? Lets get to know about this. 

Do Artificial Hearts Exist ?

Do Artificial Hearts Really Exist

Yes. You must be aware of ‘Kidney Transplanting‘, right? Like that, due to the progression in the cardinal technology, the hearts of the people now could be transplanted now. And it is possible now. The up mentioned Silicone Heart will absolutely beat like a real heart for you and could be able to provide you the life for extra time. Now your dear ones could be able to spend some more time with you even after the death. Hope your query for do artificial hearts exist will come to an end by reading this article.

What is the structure of this heart and its developers ?

The Researchers Team from Zurich and Berlin together developed a soft replica of a human heart which sounds exactly the same as the real heart in you. These soft hearts are manufactured from silicone, 3D printing and lost wax casting technique. Weighing 390 gms, 80 gms. heavier than that of a normal human heart. Like a common human heart, it has ventricles on both left and right sides not being separated by a septum.

The normal heart has four chambers but this silicone 3D printed heart has been developed with an additional chamber. It is inflated and deflated by pressurized air. By this a pumping action is created which replaces the muscle contraction of the human heart.

Source : Science Alert

 The approach in building this artificial heart has been made by using silicone and 3D printing by the researchers. It is therefore developed by keeping in mind the treatment of heart diseases with an ultimate revolution. 

Why are these Artificial Hearts Being Used now ?


You must have heard about the Kidney Donors, Eye Donors or even the Sperm Donors too. But there are very least or equal to no, heart donors. As patients are typically hooked up to blood pumps in their severe cardiovascular problems, the technology took the step forward to produce the Silicone hearts that could be transplanted at the time of heart disease and will work as a sanjeevni booti for you for a while.

What are the unfortunates and the disadvantages about this Machine heart ?

Why are these Artificial Hearts Being Used now ?

The question here arises now, how long can a person live with an artificial heart? This heart will be providing you some extra beats, well that’s true. But what is unfortunate here, is that this heart could only be able to provide you the beats up to 3000 number of beats. The disadvantage of this machine is only that it will be covering nearly about 3 quarters of an hour normally. Which means that it will last for 45 minutes exactly.

How much does it cost to make an artificial heart?

This Artificial Heart costs nearly around $125,000 USD and $ 18,000 USD for maintainance.

The Words Of Conclusion

Source: ETH Zurich

According to scientists and the researchers, the main goal was to think and develop the new directions for development of artificial hearts, instead of making hearts ready for implantation at the moment. Still this regeneration of artificial human heart process is going on but still many procedures are left back as well. But the way in which research and the technology is progressing day by day, it is possible that mankind could be served better by giving the additional life.

In the end I will request you to share this article regarding ‘Do Artificial Hearts Exist ?‘ as much as you can. So that many people could be made aware of it. And don’t forget to post your own informative comments in the comments section of this blog post. Also you can post your any suggestion in our ‘Write Us’ column right upwards in the ‘Menu’ option. Stay Fit and Stay Healthy and do take care of your heart and make it healthy.






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