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Apple iPhone Would Not Be Having This Amazing Feature Anymore Now

iPhone 8 Launch, Specs, Price in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

What’s Up Guys ! This blog is regarding iPhone 8 Launch, Specs, Price in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. There are only two weeks left when Apple is going to unveil its another super giant flagship smartphone called as Apple iPhone 8 Some crucial iPhone 8 information I have collected from the sources for you.

It’s hereby basically confirmed by Apple bout the design and many features but there is more that I want to add to this list. So let’s go ahead and begin as there’s so much to talk about.

Revealed : iPhone 8 Launch, Specs, Price in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Revealed : iPhone 8 Launch, Specs, Price in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Yes off course, in this blog you would be able to know about the storage, price and the release date of this another i-smart phone from the hub of Apple named iPhone 8.

Release Date of Apple iPhone 8

Now in the close communications with several telecom companies that will be selling the iPhone 8, Mac forever is reporting that they actually know the date that the Apple iPhone 8 will be announced on and they’re saying that September 12.

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Now this could make sense because it is Tuesday. And if you will look at every other date that Apple has released an iPhone on, it is always been a Tuesday for the most part then they start pre-orders from Friday.

Release Date of Apple iPhone 8

In this case it will be September 15th with final release in the international market they say on September 20. So September 12 to be marked down in your calendars literally almost here guys. Means nearly after a couple weeks you will be seeing this magnificent thing from the exclusive hub of Apple in your screen officially announced and then several weeks after you’ll be holding this thing inside of your pockets and checking out the beautiful OLED display.

How Much Storage is it Carrying, Dude ?

Now a Chinese poster Geek Bar has actually released a storage sizes for the iPhone 8 and they are not matching up with what has been heard before.  As previously the iPhone 8 was supposed to be 64 and 256 GB as now they are saying that there will be three storage tiers starting at 64 GB which doubles the existing 32 GB entry level.

How Much Storage is it Carrying, Dude ?

But now in any case it jumps up to 256 GB which now is the highest tier and then doubles to 512 GB. It’s also not out of the question because the Apple does have the storage on the current iPad pro 10.5 and 12.9 inches, which looks pretty cool.

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What Could Be The Market Price Of This Piece of Smartphone from Apple ?

From my today’s content regarding iPhone 8 Launch, Specs, Price in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh I want to make you know that a writer from New York times is claiming that he actually knows the pricing of the iPhone 8 for the entry-level model as he’s been talking to people that have been briefed on the product or the iPhone 8.

What Could Be The Market Price Of This Piece of Smartphone from Apple ?

Thus it is said that the Entry-level model with 64 GB will start at Rs. 63,760 INR and 80,615 BDT now that will jump up to Rs. 70,207 INR and 88,764 BDT for 256 GB device. So that’s the cap for the highest end model. So 512 GB device for Rs. 76589 INR and 96,834 BDT will be the most premium stuff with inflation and everything adjusted.

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Now, isn’t it a terrible price ? Not everyone’s gonna want to pay it of course but gladly some people will do that. And as per the recent survey nearly about 18-20% of the people will be gladly paying more that 1000 bucks to buy this giant from the store of apple. Which means that there is definitely market for it too.

New Fact That Has Been Discovered In Apple iPhone 8  

The another thing that has been discovered in an Apple iPhone 8 is that there are the possibilities that the new iPhone 8 from the stores of Apple will be supporting a the inputs from the Apple pencil.

The new patents published by Apple revealed by patently Apple actually showed that Apple is making direct reference from Apple pencil to the iPhone. They say a smartphone and a tablet display can could be seen with pencil feature, further too.

New Fact That Has Been Discovered In Apple iPhone 8

So as per the experts it is very possible that this new iPhone 8 may get Apple pencil support if not immediately in a future software updates after their patents have cleared and all that who knows just a personal predictions in mind but certainly the iPhones in future could support the Apple pencil.

Also in the new Apple iPhone 8 the elimination of the home button might be seen. The screen touch ID would enable the gesture controls in it that will take place of the home button in the new one from Apple.

Camera, Display, Processor and Other basic Features of Apple iPhone 8

You may have a great fun when it comes to the cameras of this smartphone. It will be enabled with 16 MP wide angled and Tele-photo cameras, which will help it to have 2x optical zoom.

It will also be having a Super Amoled display of 5.8 Inches screen with a heavy resolution of 2960*1440 pixels of resolution in it. Stereo Speakers could also be seen in the lower segment of this iPhone.

iPhone 8 Launch, Specs, Price in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Talking about the processor of this smartphone so undoubtedly Apple will be providing you with new processor A11 in it. Wireless charger WattUp could be provided with this. It may also be having the stereo AR and VR.

As we know the human mind and eyes are addicted to the colored things, so this mightier would be available in various colors like Jet Black, Black Silver, Rose Gold, Gold and Red

The Editor’s Conclusion

Do you guys really think that the iPhone 8 will actually be called something else as I have this feeling that it will be called as something else. But then I might complicate things and then people might get confused, I don’t know what do you think.

In the end if you like this blog post regarding iPhone 8 Launch, Specs, Price in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh do let me know what you think, in the comment box below. You may also post your suggestions for me in the Write Us Column of my blog. Also have an absolutely free sign up to the Newsletter provided to you in the right side bar area. Do share this post with the other iPhone lovers like you too. Will meet you next time. Stay Fit Folks!


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