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Intel or AmD for PC : This one is a faster and more reliable processor for your Computer.

Intel or AMD for laptop : Which one would be more authoritative.

You’re in search for a laptop or desktop and you’re confused to choose between Intel or AMD for laptop or PC, right ? Then please stay tuned to this tech related blog post. Here I’ll suggest you whether you should go for an intel or AMD (processors), by keeping your requirements and worthy budget in mind. So let’s get started.

As per my thorough researches, I came to know that people often get confused when it comes to select processors while purchasing laptops or PC’s. They often ask this question to themselves like – “Should I go for Intel or AMD for laptop or the desktop ? Which one is suitable and which isn’t ?

Even when buyers whenever want to assemble their Desktop, they easily compare all the parts. But when it comes to selection of  processor, they get stuck to the question whether Intel or AMD ? In this case many sellers and shopkeepers take advantage of the innocence of the consumer by selling them a wrong product.

And when those customers purchase that processor, later on their left no option for them rather than the regression.

If you too are an innocent customer, then don’t worry I’ll tell you in an easy way how to be smart in that way. So it could be easy for you as well to tackle that marketer without getting bullied.

And what and how you should select processors between Intel or AMD for laptop or PC by keeping your budget and requirements in mind.

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Intel or AMD for laptop : Which one is faster and more reliable latest processor ?

Here’s in this blog post, I am not going to show you any benchmark comparison. Which means, that I am not going to fame or defame any of the processors because then you’ll need to keep many things in mind. Like if we will talk about its layout, architecture/designing, technology, the process on which it is made. So getting these comparisons could only make you more confused and nothing else.

In simple words, we will compare on the basis of just three points. 1. Power 2. Performance 3. Price.


Here lets start with its Price. As per the price is concerned, you must be pretty familiar that the price of an Intel CPU is more than that of AMD CPU.

Here, my suggestion will be bending more towards the AMD processors than that of Intel Processors as per your budget. Because if you’re a budget conscious person and want to have Intel processor then that will be worth less. As the performance of an Intel processor in low budget is pretty low, that would make you livid and could lead to waste of your money too.

Intel or AMD for laptop : Compared on Price

Whereas on the other hand an AMD would be a better performing processor in an easily affordable budget. Let it be laptop or a desktop, AMD processor will perform better in a low quality budget.

So if you’re making mind for laptop between 20k-26k or building mind for PC, then I would surely suggest you to opt AMD processor rather than that of Intel.


You might be wondering now which one to get – Intel or AMD for laptop, when it comes to power.

When it comes to power, it provides a total reverse meaning of what I elaborated earlier in Price section. Didn’t get it ?

An AMD processor consumes more power than that of an Intel processor. The wattage of an Intel is much lesser than that of an AMD. In this case there is more power consumption of power in AMD chips.

Comparison on the basis of power.

Now if you need to buy a laptop with longer battery life, then I’d definitely suggest an Intel processor based laptop. If you’re able to increase your budget, then I must say that you’d be definitely go for an Intel based processor laptop costing nearly around Rs.30,000. The more suitable should be I-3 or I-5 Generation Intel based processor as compared to an AMD processor priced up to Rs.25,000. Because in AMD you won’t get a better battery life.

Well if it comes to desktop, then you usually never need to worry about the battery life. Although the battery performance of an AMD is be much better than that of an Intel processor in this allotted budget. Well, I shall recommend you to go for AMD in case of desktop.

Now if we’d talk about the higher segments, like of high budgeted laptops priced around 40k-60k and above. Or if you want to set a high end PC too, your wisdom will be much appreciated, if you will use intel based processor.


Firstly, Intel processors perform much higher than that of AMG processors in higher pricing segments. Secondly, its compatibility in case of changing of processors for your desktop comes in optional variants too. Surely, whatever you make choice is capable to perform much better.  Whereas in AMD processors, you don’t get so much options.

If you’re a high end work performer like, video production, sound production and etc. So in that case Intel is much more advanced than that of AMD. Then you should definitely go for Intel based laptop or desktop.

Now another question must be arising in your mind, if you’re a game lover. Are these processors compatible to gaming ?

Intel Processor Better For Gaming

Well, in that case the laptops that are more than Rs.40k comes with Intel Processors because you won’t get the AMD option.

In case if you’re buying a desktop for gaming only, then AMD is highly suggested.

In a nutshell I’ll tell you, if you’re bound in a budget, them AMD is recommended. Whether in case of laptop or a desktop. On the other hand if you want higher end device in shape of a PC or Laptop then Intel is much recommended. If you need gaming in desktop then AMD. If you want audio, video production or mixed option, then go for Intel.

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Concluding words by Author.

I think your confusion for selecting processor whether, Intel or AMD for laptop must be solved out now. If you have any queries or your own suggestions, please don’t forget to make us know that in our ‘write us’ column in menu above. Also please put your worthy support with us by sharing this with others too. And yeah have a free signup to our newsletter for more exciting updates about phones and teach specifications.


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