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Providing You With The Latest Technology Blogs List That Will Make Your Day, If You’re a Tech Savvy Person


So got up? Had a newspaper with a sweet cup of morning tea but wait! Haven’t got enough tech-related information through that morning piece of paper. Like this, you might have tended to miss hell lot of information about technology, being a tech-savvy, right?

There is no need to feed your mind with a tension about it.

Well, I’m back here again with my another blog post through which I could solve your trouble by providing you with the best latest technology blogs list that you should prefer to read if you’re a tech-savvy. But before that, I would like to tell you about something.

That piece of paper that is right on the floor of your house or mansion has a limited dimension in it. Or I could say that those magazines that are present there in your study room on the study tables or under them are also not larger in the dimension.

Yes, of course, there are the number of pages more in the magazine than that of a newspaper, but if you will see the area and volume of a magazine or newspaper, it is unmatchable to the unlimited dimension of the internet.

Yes, you’re absolutely catching me right. If there is anything that we could rely on for gaining knowledge, that thing is none other than the internet itself.

The Internet itself is your portable office/library, that you may carry with you anywhere, anytime. Because that mobile in your pocket is a big weapon that you’re carrying everywhere with you and could pull the trigger off wherever and whenever you want.

And really if is it like that, then it is obvious that you couldn’t be kept back from whatever and whenever you will need in your life.

These blogs that we get on the internet are like best online tech magazines that you could’ve got ever accessed to. We know that today the internet has broader information regarding any of the category that we tend to search on it.

Let it be about health and fitness, food to eat/nutrition, sports, technology, make money ideas, entrepreneurial ideas and much much more things, we get an access to.

Now, I know that your that newspaper present at your doorstep is eagerly waiting for you that you pick it up with having a slurrping (tea sip sound from cup/mug) sound and those magazines present in your studying room are eagerly waiting for you that when they will get a chance to share a piece of information with you, right.

But it is not obvious, whether you’d be able to access all the information from those piece of papers having a dimensional limit, or not. But, yet you’ll need to have an internet access too for fully exploring your technology topics or the others you’re interested in.

As we can see, nowadays the publishers have mentioned their website and social media links too so that you may not miss any update regarding the topic that hit you the most in the mind in newspapers and magazines. And also stay connected with their personal blogs

But here in this blog post, we are talking about the latest technology, so it will be their personal tech blogs and thus we’ll consider that as only our major topic that you like to read about.

So hereby I assure you that the blogs I would be mentioning below will be worth to read and knowledge gaining source to you. You could say them as an alternative to your favorite but limited explorers magazines/newspapers too.

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Latest Technology Blogs List: Highly Recommended To Boost Your Knowledge

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Now we have reached up to that part of our today’s blog post, where I could make you familiar with the latest technology blogs that you can’t afford to miss and that will surely help you boost your knowledge as these are highly recommended blogs.

I hope these will give you the quality and proper content that you’re searching in the pages of your newspaper and the other set of magazines that you have bought and kept in the book racks and study tables of your room.

Most of the people like you, who are the complete tech-savvy like you do have a tendency to ask this question a lot of times that what are the best ways to keep ourselves updated with the unlimited development and updates in today’s technological sector.

Well, on the other hand as it is really hard to answer. As with each and every day, within a single hour, of a single minute, of a single second the technology tends to change and gets updated. Now, we can also see that artificial intelligence is capturing the world really fast.

So in this endless list of the technological updates and inventions, I have brought the amazing list of latest technology blogs, that will keep you updated with each and every change/update that is taking place in the world every single time and will prove to be the best alternative to your newspapers and mags.

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So, Which Are The Best Online Tech Magazines For You?

Here are your top tech blogs whose at least one topic you may prefer to read on per day basis.

Now briefly I will tell you what each one of this website is a type of. What topics it would be covering for you. And I also bet you that you would be loving the content that they would be covering.

And each of them will make you feel amazing about what is going on in the world around you. Well, any kind of info you’re in search for, from A-Z you will get know about through these blogs that I will be mentioning below.

So without any further ado, let’s get started straight away.

And also these are amongst the list of my favorite ones too. So without any hesitation, you may rely on these blogs for your much-awaited information.

1.  Tech Radar

With a global ranking of 1,092 and with a huge visitor base of 66.94 million visits per month, Tech Radar is an absolute and complete hub of information to a person.

And also known as one of the best tech blogs on which one could rely or could even make this latest technology updating blog as his/her regular pocket magazine or digest to read on daily basis.

If you’re a person who is searching for the new e-products that have been launched in the market, then it is of course that Tech Radar is really a helpful content based blog/website that would surely help you with what you’re looking for.

If you are looking for deals or photography only, then of course tech radar is a site that will surely help you with that indeed. At last, I would say that whatever your tech query is, Tech Radar is a recommended online magazine for you.

2.  The Verge

On number 2 in our latest technology blogs list, we have The Verge. Globally ranked at 1,137 and 449 ranked in the United States Of America, The Verge is another favorite blog to the tech-savvies.

With a huge user base of 66.45 million people visiting this blog, The Verge has become the second favorite to most of the people in the world. As it is also proving to be a trustworthy and useful info sharing blog for the people.

If you’re a tech-savvy, then I surely will recommend you The Verge after the Tech Radar.

Covering the varieties of contents based on Tech, Science, Cars, The Verge also gives its reviews on the products like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Cameras and much more technology regarding contents.

The Verge is a fine and recommended tech digest to you and you must follow its contents too if you’re a Tech Radar Reader too.

Now, let’s move up on our third best technology blog in the list.

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3.  Tech Meme

The third from our list of best technology blog sites is Tech Meme. A complete tech-driven blog actually.

Well, if you really wanna have a feeling of that what you’re carrying in your pocket like a pocket magazine, then Tech Meme is really something that you must be really looking for.

Tech Meme has a maximum user base from the US. As 67.59% of its user base is directly from the territories of the United States.

So Tech Meme is a kind of website which is not being heavily used worldwide. But yes, if you’re a citizen of the United States, then I shall recommend you that this website is definitely for you and worth to read per day.

Being a tech blog, Tech Meme will keep you updated with the contents and articles that are new in the market and that too regarding technology.

From Apple to Samsung, from Facebook to Twitter and from Android to Microsoft, everything is covered in the Tech Meme, thus you should visit this blog too at every second day in a week.

4.  Digital Trends

The blog itself comprises of the two words ‘Digital‘ and ‘Trends‘. Here digital is the technology and the trend is what’s going on at the present moment.

So Digital Trends is a blog that will keep you all updated with the technology being initiated every single time.

At number 4th in this selected list of popular tech blogs, we have chosen Digital Trends as it has generated a huge visitor base.

As it has a base of 40.20 million users visiting it on a monthly base. Which means the Digital Trends blog has played a vital role in maintaining a proper faith among its all-time unique user base.

Now, what are the topics it would be covering for you?

Well, if you’re looking for product reviews about any of the tech program initiated in the market.

Or you’re in search of a particular news about any of the tech product being launched in the market, Digital Trends blog will give you all absolute information that you might be looking for.

Also along with the news and product reviews, this blog could also guide you to set a deal for a tech product that you’re making your mind to buy.

Also, you may also about the various technology products in the likes of TV’s Smartphones, Laptops, Desktops, Headphones, Cameras, Soundbars, Playstations, and many more other things that most of us usually like to pick up from the market.

So, precisely it will play a proper role of a pocket magazine for you and will keep you fully updated with the latest and trending in the market.

5.  The Next Web

Another one in the technology blogs list is The Next Web. Another bite size dose of what is happening in the world of technology.

I would say if you are a tech-loving personality and also wants to have fun add-ons in the contents that you wanna read, then The Next Web will provide you with the requirement you are in need of.

Founded in 2008, in Amsterdam, Britain, The Next Web is holding a regular user base of 1 Million users, visiting this blog every month.

The next web is a blog which is a trusted brand amongst the readers based in the United States. This blog will cover each and everything for you. And thus, is a best recommendable pocket reader digest for you. You may have the full fun reading for the topics regarding whats new in the technology, science and the world news as well.

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So We Conclude

If you’ve any other suggestions for us from your side, you can send us that in our WRITE US column. And if you liked this post from us, please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends.

In the end, I would just like to say that you can have a free sign up to our newsletter at the sidebar by just entering your email and pressing ‘Yes’ button. That’s how you could stay updated with our daily updates.

Also if you have any feedback, you may post that in our comment section below. More is coming your way in the coming time, you just need to stay updated. Till then take care.















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