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Top 5 Jaw Dropping Luxury Sedans in India will Absolutely Blow your Mind Up

Top 5 Jaw Dropping Luxury Sedans in India


Hi There ! Whenever in your life you listen the word luxury, what are those things that struck first in your mind ? Well these may be A big house, A royal lifestyle or A Luxury Car in which we could go on a long drive with our beloved at our side, right ? Yes, most of us do dream to have luxurious cars. And when we have a dream, we frame that in our mind or on the wall in our rooms at our respective homes. So here’re the live top 5 jaw dropping luxury sedans in India that will absolute blow your mind up. So c’mon, fasten your seat belts to live your dream. 

Top 5 Jaw Dropping Luxury Sedans in India

The technology is going on with a rapid pace day by day. From a needle to a big bang ship, each day technology keeps on changing. As the taste and trends of a common man keeps on changing with the change in its generations, similarly, the technology is also keeping itself up to date accordingly, so that it could fit in the box of that particular generations as well.

So keeping that updates in our mind, we have brought you your most favorite topic from the hub of Automotive and that is about the luxury sedans in India. We know that most of you really want to be updated with such these news from the hub of luxury cars. So today I’ll make you introduce to top 5 amazing luxury sedans in India that are going to launch no sooner. So fuel up yourself guys, here we go.

1. Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018


Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018

The first in our luxury sedan list is upcoming an absolute hybrid sedan, new Toyota Camry. As per the sources, it is expected that this amazing sedan from the huts of Toyota will start running its wheels on the road from hot summers of 2018. Toyota claims that the updated PCU (Power Control Unit) in this new Hybrid system will play a key role in operational efficiency improvements. This will be the third generation version roll out from Toyota and will be featured with the all new gasoline engine. The expected price of Hybrid Toyota Camry would be nearly around $27,800 USD i.e Rs. 17,90,000 INR onwards to $32,250 USD i.e Rs. 20,80,000 INR.

2. Mercedes AMG S63 and S65

If you get excited by watching marvel with an art then this picture might be making you enough crazy to grab it, right?

Mercedes AMG S63

Yes, the new Mercedes AMG S63 and 65 are the best example of the mixture of art and the creativity. The ultimate mixture of the art and design combines the excellent grace of beautiful Rolls Royce and pace of Ferrari gives birth to a new innovation in the form of one of the gem of the luxury called as Mercedes AMG S63. The mighty motor of 557 horsepower and 664 lb-ft torque will absolutely give you an incredible feeling on road. An automatic Attention Assist system is also featured in it to alert the driver too incase of drowsiness for the reason of full safety. The expected price will be $145,625 USD and Rs.93 lacs INR. Its arrival in India is expected to be nearly in mid of 2018.

3. New Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

In the list of hybrid cars the New Hyundai Sonata is the most favorite and most awaited car and thus is placed at no.3rd in our list of top 5 upcoming luxurious cars in India. Firstly it was Toyota with its hybrid invention on road and then suddenly Honda also drove its trump Accord on the roads. And now the third in the race of launch of hybrid cars in Hyundai which has claimed to launch its most awaited car in the market named as New Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.

New Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Hyundai’s every car invention has gone viral in the market with a hype. Whether it is a hatchback like i20 the most loved by people in India or it is a sexy sedan the all new Hyundai Verna. With its killing and stunning look the new Hyundai Sonata is not just a sedan but calling it a Super Sedan might not be wrong in any way either. According to sources the Hyundai Sonata and Toyota Camry Hybrid would be in the category of the upcoming cut throat competition. The expected launching date for Hyundai Sonata was set to April 2017 first but now it is predicted to be launched sooner. The price is expected to be $44,960 USD i.e. Rs.29 lacs INR – $49,600 USD i.e Rs.32 lacs INR.

4. Volkswagon Passat

Volkswagon Passat

No 4 in our list is New Volkswagon Passat, from one of the upcoming luxury cars in India. With aggressive looks, LED features and dynamic light assist, new Volkswagon Passat has started its count down of being launched in the market soon. As per the sources, after discontinuation of the premium saloon last year now Volkswagon has the plans to bring its all new Passat Model back in the Indian Territory no sooner. As the advertisement banners have been started to set up in many areas in every city. Thus Volkswagon must be eyeing to give a tough competition to its rivalries in the likes of Hyundai, Honda, Toyota. The expected Price of Passat is estimated to be start from $32,000 USD i.e.,Rs.20 lacs INR to $38,000 USD i.e., Rs.25 lacs INR. Expected Date of Launch Mid 2017.

5. Toyota Vios

Toyota Vios

If you are dreaming to buy a Sedan under Rs. 15 lacs INR budget, then it is obvious there are cars like Honda City, MS Ciaz and Hyundai Verna coming through your mind, right? But, wait let me introduce you with the another new look to be launched in the market. Again, it is Toyota that’s going to launch its another Sedan in the Indian Sedan Automotive market and this time it is the all new Toyota Vios. New Vios will be powered by same engine like in that of Toyota Etios. Expected price of upcoming Vios is estimated to be nearly around $15,500 USD that will be around Rs.10 lacs INR.

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