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Netflix vs. Amazon Prime vs. Hotstar | Which Streaming Service You Should Buy

While for curated TV shows and movies, there is healthy competition between Netflix and Amazon prime, there is a huge and equally entertaining supply of user generated content which is curated. Hotstar is mainly focused on the sports segment but they’re also expanding their wings to Movies and TV Shows market. With the latest advancement in streaming services, people are shifting from free movie download sites like Yify to streaming their favorite TV Shows and Movies online. They are actually confused as to which streaming services they should buy. To solve this hassle, we have given comparison of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar to help you choose better.

Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Comparison

Round 01: Easy-of-use

In terms of interface, all three have a simple easy-to-use interface for their app and the website. There is no clear winner here. I did notice that Amazon Prime had Hindi subtitles for a few English shows, which was a nice touch.

I generally stream shows on my television via Apple TV. For this, Netflix & Hotstar are the best, as they offer an app directly on the TV. Amazon does not offer the Apple TV app. You can stream from your phone to the TV using the Airplay feature on your iPhone, but it’s inconvenient as you cannot use your phone while streaming.

Winner: No clear winner for mobile and PC. Netflix & Hotstar are better for streaming on TV.

Round 02: Content Catalogue

For Movies:

Netflix seems to be the best when it comes to their catalogue of English movies. I especially like their collection of Classics and Documentaries. They also have a much larger collection as compared to both Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video. I saw a few decent movies on Prime such as Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan, but their collection is nowhere close to Netflix. Hotstar has the same content as Star Movies, which results in a smaller collection of movies which you would have anyway already seen on TV tons of times.

For Hindi movies, Amazon Prime seems to be far and away the clear winner. They have newer movies such as Sultan, Kabali and Fan, as well as older movies such as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge. Hotstar has a large collection of mostly average movies. As for Netflix, you realise how terrible their collection is when the first recommendation for Hindi movies is Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo. They are tying up with SRK’s Red Chillies for more content, so I hope that their Hindi content will improve.

Both Amazon and Hotstar have Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam sections, but I do not have enough knowledge of the languages to make a recommendation for this.

Winner: Netflix for English movies, Amazon for Hindi

For TV Shows

Netflix again. They have a large collection of both original shows like Narcos and Crown; as well as shows like Black Mirror and Breaking Bad. They are the best, both in quality and quantity. Hotstar has access to HBO originals which means content like Game of Thrones, the Wire and Silicon Valley is avaliable. However, their catalogue is limited as compared to Netflix. Amazon seems to have a greater focus on getting sitcoms. I saw Seinfeld, Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls and a few other sitcoms on their app. They are also tying up with AIB to do a political satire show, which seems interesting as well.

Winner: Netflix

For Sports

The best reason for getting Hotstar is their access to sports. Since they are owned by Star, they provide access to all the sports covered by Star Sports. This means most cricket matches as well as the English Premier League can be seen on Hotstar. This is great, especially for football fans as Star seems hell-bent on shoving HD channels down our throats for Premier League matches.

However, Amazon seems to be in the race for IPL streaming rights,which would be a big coup for them if they can pull it off.

Winner: Hotstar

Round 3: Offline Download

While both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video give you the liberty of downloading and watching content offline on their smartphone apps, Hotstar only allows this for its regional content.The premium content cannot be downloaded and watched offline, which is a total bummer.

Round 04: Pricing

Amazon is the clear winner in this. Prime video is Rs 499/year right now, so about Rs 40/month. In comparison, Hotstar is Rs 199/month and Netflix is Rs 500/month. In addition, Amazon also gives you access to Amazon Prime on its shopping website, which is a nice bonus.

Our Verdict:

Well you can also go for unblocked movies websites as an alternative but still It depends on what you’d like to watch or use these streaming services for. If you are looking forward to live matches then Hotstar is good to go but if you’re into English Movies and TV Shows then No one can beat Netflix Catalogue. Although, Amazon Prime is the most affordable and also provides premium services in their e-com section moreover, lately they came up with many good shows which make Amazon Prime the best option to go for. Rest depends on your requirement and demand, stay tuned for more such stories and comment below the streaming services you’re currently using or looking forward to in future.

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