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Nokia 9 Will Easily Defeat the Flagship Smartphones Like Apple, Samsung and Google with These Stunning Features.

New Nokia 9 battery, camera, storage and specialties and many more things you will get in this blog.

These days the smartphone companies are really shredding off their sweat and blood out to produce the customers with an amazing and most satisfying product in their hand. As per the recent news we have came to know that Nokia is making its way in again in the market but this time with a bang. Talking about its flagship smartphones it looks like as it might be considered as a nightmare to other smartphone companies as well. Today we have brought another blog for you in which we’ll cover the specifications and stunning features of its another product called Nokia 9. So here is about Nokia 9 battery, camera, storage and other specialties for you.

New Nokia 9 Battery, Camera, Storage and Specialties 

The rumors for return of Nokia

The rumors for return of Nokia Edge 2017 have already put the market in a big suspense about its upcoming handsets and the performance. As people are continuously searching and eager to know about the new launches from the hub of Nokia, thus from the other end Nokia is releasing the teasers of its upcoming stunning smartphones. The new handsets from the counter of Nokia has also made its upcoming customers enthusiastic with its stunning looks and loaded features in it too. As per my opinions Nokia has made itself well equipped before targeting its market audience.

So here in my today’s content I’ll try to make you know what is there in Nokia 9 and why people have geared themselves up to invest their money to buy the smart handset of Nokia. As this blog will be divided into two parts, the first one will be regarding the specialties about this awesome handset and second one will be about new Nokia 9 battery, its camera, storage and also we’ll try to know about its expected price in the different regions of India.

Some Specialties About New Nokia 9

  • New Nokia 9 is counted in Nokia’s flagship smartphones.
  • It’ll be Nokia’s big trump card to be launched in the market after the launch of Nokia Edge 2017 smartphone.
  • It is obvious that the New Nokia 9 would be having a stunning look in the smartphone market as it will be a user friendly and stunning in its looks.
  • Nokia would feature it with some amazing and brilliant features that are not seen even in the already big giants like Apple and Samsung.
  • It is often that this trump from Nokia might also be able to give a tough and hard competition to the other flagship smartphones as well.
  • The one thing that people are liking the most in this smartphones in the teaser is its stunning pure metallic looks and its awesome and greater camera capability.
  • When it comes to storage also it is obvious that Nokia will be playing a big role in maintaining the storage of the smartphone.
  • It will be a tremendous achievement of Nokia after a massive down fall that it faced after the year of 2013.
  • As per the specifications of its different phones, Nokia will absolutely impress its market with different, stunning looks and it is obvious that it will be a fast spreading smartphone too.
  • It is also expected that the Processors of the Nokia smartphones will also be counted in the best performers too.

Nokia 9 Basic Features

Nokia 9 Basic Features

Well talking about the upcoming new Nokia 9 basic Features, the smartphone will be having a stunning bigger display. It’ll be enhanced with Nokia 9 iris scanner, fingerprint touch. It is metal body built and will be having Android 7.1 Nougat as its Operating System. It’ll be a water and dust resistant IP 68 and will be featured with 5.5 inches display screen, with a resolution of 1440*2560 pixels and with 534 ppi as its pixels density.

Technological Features of Nokia 9

The Nokia 9 will be having an OLED technological effects. It will be also featuring the light and proximity sensors too. Mirroring Wireless screen share. The GSM will be 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz. Talking about its data and connectivity options, it has a LTE-A, HSPA Nano SIM and accelerometer sensors too.

New Nokia 9 Camera Specs

The smartphone will be having a main dual camera. Nokia 9 would be having 22.1 Mega Pixels Dual LED Flash camera. Made as a most thinnest sized smartphone, the camera of this smartphone will be an autofocus. The software features like touch to focus, face detection, self timer, digital zooming and geo tagging could also be seen in this smartphone. Talking about the shooting modes of the camera, it will have a burst modeHigh Dynamic Range Mode and Panorama mode too. The front facing camera will be 12 Mega Pixels.

Nokia 9 Processor 

Comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 MSM8998, octa core, 2500 MHz Kyro 280, 64 bit 10 nm processor. Talking about its Graphic Processor Unit GPU, it is Adreno 540.

Storage and Battery Information

Talking about its system memory, then I won’t hesitate to compare it with OnePlus+ 3T in case of RAM. Like that of One Plus+ 3T the RAM of this smartphone is up to 6 GB and an amazing inbuilt storage of 128 Giga Bytes. Along side this all, what the most important feature that today’s vibrant generation consider is its battery. Like if you’re a mobile or smartphone distributor, this question you’ll often see asked by the consumers along with Camera and the Storage, “Hey! How much is its battery capacity?” The battery capacity of this smartphone 3800 mAh and the battery of this smartphone will be irremovable.

More Special Features of the Phone

New Nokia 9 battery, camera, storage and specialties and many more things you will get in this blog.

The Nokia 9 also has some stunning and special features in it. It is featured with voice dialing, voice commands, voice recordings. Is also featured with an amazing GPS, A- GPS Positioning. As per navigation, it will be having the features of Turn by turn and voice navigation as well. It will also be loaded with Tethering, computer sync and OTA sync.

Nokia 9 Expected Price in USD $ and INR Rupees  

Last things that people want to be familiar regarding any product is its price. The price of new Nokia 9 is expected to be nearly around $700 USD i.e. Rs. 45,000 INR.

Editor’s Final Words

Nokia after suffering a big down fall for such a long time, is expected to obviously make a superb comeback. As the teasers of its amazing and stunning smartphones could be seen getting all viral on different channels, let it be on youtube, facebook, twitter or any other social media channel.

At last I’d like to appeal you all in the end that if you like my blog post regarding Nokia 9 battery, camera, storage and specialties then please like and share. If you’re having any of your own information regarding this stunning smartphone, then you are most welcome to post your comments below. If you have any suggestions, please do let us know in our ‘Write Us’ Menu column above. Have a great time ahead.







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