Nokia Edge 2017 Specifications, Features, Launch, Price in Gulf Nations

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  • June 29, 2017
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Nokia Edge 2017 Features Launch Price in Dubai Jeddah Abu Dhabi Saudi Arabia

Hey Friends! As you all know few years back Nokia company used to rule the Asian countries market in full pace. But due to a big downfall it signed a contract with the Microsoft by which afterwards it was totally shunned. The contract done by Nokia with Microsoft that time came to an end in 2017. And now Nokia is returning back soon in the smartphone market but this time with Android technology. So by the help of this blog post I will try to make you familiar with new Nokia Edge 2017 Features, launch, price in Dubai, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia. We will also try to cover that what would be the marketing strategies of Nokia Edge before its launch. So lets get started.

Nokia Edge 2017 Features Launch Price in Dubai Jeddah Abu Dhabi Saudi Arabia

In the world of speed and globalization, the technology has fitted its foot hard on the earth to take full control of everything that mankind is making use of. Let it be from your pant’s zip to your pen’s nib or from a needle to a big bang ship, everything is being controlled by the technology today. Technology has totally snatched our dependency and has made today’s man pretty worthy, highly independent and better smart.

Nokia Edge 2017 Features Launch Price in Dubai Jeddah Abu Dhabi Saudi Arabia

Coming back to our content of Nokia Edge features launch and its price in the gulf countries, lets talk about the phone’s must know specifications.

Specifications and Specialties

Talking about the specifications of the phone, the device is expected to be fully waterproof and you won’t find any of the button or switch on this mobile because this will be the fully touchable mobile for you. So whatever activity you will perform you will be performing by touch screen only.

Starting from the top of this stunning handset, so you’ll be able to see the touch screen shortcut pads by which you could be able to increase or decrease the audio of the device. Apart from that you’d also find gallery option pad too by which you’d be directly accessible to phone’s gallery.

Nokia Edge 2017 Specialties

Now let’s talk about the phone’s back. If you will look up to the back of the device then you will find it absolutely stunning with an attractive look. And you will also find a camera focus feature at the top of it’s back side which will be of 23 Mega Pixels. The front camera would be of 12 Mega Pixels. So, if you’ve a addiction for taking selfies like me. Then this is an amazing device for you. Also making you sure that it will have a stunning picture quality than that of other flagship smartphones in the market.

It will also be featured with premier print scanner and ABC scanner too. Making you clear here that through ABC scanner you could also be able to lock or unlock it’s screen with retina of your eyes. Isn’t it amazing ?

So friends let’s talk about what you’ll get in this device now ?

Apart from Keyword this hand will be dual SIM GSM and GSM featured. The size of the screen would be covering up to 5.2 inches. Carrying screen resolution of 1920*1080 pixels with 2K display. You will get features up to 4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. This device will be capable to run on the networks like 3G, 4G Volte LTE Bands, Wi-Fi too.

what you’ll get in this device

Also it will be featured with 5.0 bluetooth which will mean the work of sending and receiving files and other documents from other devices will be absolutely more faster. You will also receive 3.5mm headphone Jack which is absolutely great being a user. Yes, lastly this device would be having an Android 7.0.1 Nougat operating system. The central processing unit of this smartphone would be of 2.2 GHz with Octa Core Processor. The final thing that mostly peope concern about is its battery which will be having the capacity of around 3600 mAh.

Expected Price of the Device in these following countries :

Price in Dubai : Dirham 2550 AED

Price in Jeddah : Saudi Riyal 2600 SAR

Price in Abu Dhabi : UAE Dirham 2560 AED

Price Saudi Arabia : Saudi Riyal 2610 SAR

**(The price shown above are the the expected rates, the real price in the gulf nations would be known after the final launch of the device)**

New Nokia Edge 2017 – Marketing Strategy

New Nokia Edge 2017 - Marketing Strategy

Like in sports, when a better team is defeated badly in any major tournament in which it was mostly liked and trusted by the audience, it is always obvious that, that particular team would bounce back really hard and is expected to knock the other teams out of the ongoing tournament. Likewise that, new Nokia Edge 2017 can be compared to that particular team that was beaten up very badly at one stage and it is obvious that it’ll really bounce back in the market with its stunning looks and marvelous performance in the hands of it’s users.

As Nokia company’s main trump or being a flagship smartphone from Nokia, it will be in the competition with the current flagship giants like Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge and Google’s Pixel phone as well.

Editors Conclusion 

It will be slightly difficult for Nokia to gather the already gained market by its rivals like Apple, Samsung, Google. Now a days we could also see that One Plus 5 has also stepped its foot in the market and with its fabulous techniques and qualities is also ruling millions of hearts of its users already. Its stunning variants in the likes of 6GB and 8GB of RAM have already won maximum of the market. So it would be quite difficult for Nokia to cater the situation in the beginning. As per my opinion Nokia would try to invest more in the branding first and might be able to win the battle of competition in case of it’s stunning camera quality. So, let’s see what will be the ultimate strategy that Nokia will be eyeing to gain its more user market.

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