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Nokia Edge 2017 Release Date in UAE, Expected Price

New Nokia Edge 2017 Release Date in UAE, with full Features, Expected Price, Specifications

So how are all going ? Today I am back with my another version about Nokia. As it seems that residents of Dubai are finding this device to get launched soon in UAE. In this blog you will be familiar with upcoming Nokia Edge 2017 release date in UAE, features, expected price, specifications. It is really obvious that Nokia’s stunning looks and its acquisition of android technology are definitely attracting the eyes of people towards it.

As Nokia’s tie up with Microsoft did not let it go further longer to gain the proper market, so it needed to pack up in the year 2013. But after its 3 years of regular hard work and intention of returning back into the market has really left a great lesson that how an attitude of non-give up makes you return back in the battle with a positive and great power. So, in this blog I will be mostly emphasizing your vision about its release date in the United Arab Emirates and other gulf nations/regions.

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Nokia Edge 2017 Release Date in UAE, Features, Expected Price, Specifications

The United Arab Emirates has been a real hub of royalty and when it comes to business, how could the companies forget to invest here. Also Dubai has been in the headlines too with presence of its royal economy. The economy of Dubai has changed drastically by the boon of tourism promos and business promos as well. Talking about its love for the technology, so there will be written a summation of many essays to express that. Well, what I could see and express my concern is that Dubai is really fond of the technology as well. You can yourself feel that after seeing its beauty with technology. It is obvious that Dubai invests much on overall development as well.

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New Nokia Edge 2017 Price in Dubai

As I have already mentioned you that in my today’s blog regarding Nokia Edge 2017 release date in UAE, features, expected price, specifications, I will be emphasizing mostly on release date and price of this smart set from Nokia in Dubai region. To know about its specifications and features, you may click the link below.

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New Nokia Edge 2017 Price in Dubai : Dirham 2550 AED

New Nokia Edge 2017 Release Date in Dubai : The unofficial date of launch of Nokia Edge 2017 has been set to as in the month of August/September 2017. But Nokia has itself not revealed the exact date of launch of this stunning smartphone anywhere. Though it has launched its Nokia 6 with stunning and extraordinary features. But it’s still unofficial by Nokia that when it’ll be going to launch its this stunning flagship handset in the market.

Though I have mentioned in my blogs, its release date in some of European nations in the coming time. To know its release date in the European nations you can click the below link and get answers to your query. As it is expected that the release date of this smartphone in Dubai will same or nearer to the date of launch in Europe.

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