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With a Jubiliant Upbuilt, Redmi Note 5 is Going to be Launch Soon in These Nations

Here's Redmi Note 5 Upbuilt, Specs, Features, Price in UAE, Dubai

So how’re you all there? In this blog post,I have brought for you the final leaks and final renders. The new things that you could be getting in new Redmi Note 5 in the likes of features, specifications and what would be the price of this upcoming tech gadget smartphone in the markets of the nations like UAE and Dubai. So guys, keep reading and lets dig deeper into this to know out.

New Redmi Note 5 Upbuilt, Specs, Features, Price in UAE, Dubai.

So guys, if we will talk about the built of this smartphone, undoubtedly we would be getting the screen display of about 18:9 ratio, which has been confirmed by Xiaomi Redmi itself. Undoubtedly here, the smartphone companies are really looking to provide their customers with the best and broader too.

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Processor of Redmi Note 5

After knowing its display, let’s head towards knowing what specialty its processor would be having. Well as per the processor of Redmi Note 5 is concerned, so fairly it would be consisting with the power of Snapdragon 636. Well Xiaomi’s Y1 and Redmi Note 4 did make use of Snapdragon 625 in their processors which gave the better performance in the hands of its user too.

Now the specialty of new Snapdragon 636 that Xiaomi is going to use in its Redmi Note 5 is getting to be known as well performing snapdragon that Xiaomi is going to use in its smartphone ever. It has also been revealed that this snapdragon would be more compatible and efficient for this smartphone.

Camera of Redmi Note 5

Now talking about the camera condition of this smartphone, undoubtedly Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is all expected to be seen with the dual cameras in it. Now as per the leaks, we have came to know that this Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 would be having the capacity of 16 MP in its primary camera and 5 MP in another one in the dual camera series.

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Storage and Card Slot in Redmi Note 5

The users will be getting the dedicated card slot in this Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Smartphone. In the previous smartphones of Xiaomi, the users were only able to use one nano SIM card along with one storage SD card at a time. Now as per the confirmation from Xiaomi, the users might be able to get to make the use of both nano SIM cards along with one storage SD card in the card slot provided in this smartphone.

Earlier, it was rumored that Redmi Note 5 would be available in the variants of 2 GB and 4 GB only. But due to the preference of more 3GB smartphones Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 would be providing its customers with the variants of 3GB and 4GB smartphones.

Operating System and the Battery Info 

The users of Redmi Note 5 would be able to enjoy the processing of this amazing smartphone on Android Oreo v8.0. And along with that this smartphone would be carrying the battery capacity of 4100 mAh as all the users were being able to get it through the other smartphones as well.

Along with this all this has also been leaked by the sources that the Redmi Note 5 might be supported with the fast charging system.

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What Would Be the Release Date and Price of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5?

Well talking about its release date, so on the date of 14th of February 2018, Xiaomi would be having an event in which they would be revealing the actual look and launch date of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 smartphone. As per the Prices, this smartphones would be available in the market having the price ranges same as that of Redmi Note 4 used to have. That is in the range of 684 AED for 3GB variant and 742 AED for 4GB variant smartphone in the markets of the United Arab Emirates.



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