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Samsung Smartphone With 3 GB RAM Will Be Costing Less Than Rupees 9000

Samsung Smartphone Leaked Images, Stunning Feature, Launch Date

So how are you all there! You may be knowing that Samsung is India’s most trusted and the biggest brand in India, when it comes to smartphone market. Samsung has more than 35% market share in smartphone market. Today I am going to make you familiar about Samsung’s this leaked smartphone that is having RAM of 3GB and is costing less than Rs.9000 in the Indian market.

It is absolutely correct that price of Samsung’s smartphone are higher than that of other android smartphones. But, Samsung’s this smartphone’s viral going pictures are making people surprised about it.

The most interesting thing to consider in this smartphone is that it looks absolutely different from other smartphones of Samsung that are launched till date. Also it looks different from the flagship smartphones of Samsung.

Samsung Smartphone Leaked Images, Stunning Feature, Launch Date

Samsung Smartphone With 3 GB RAM Will Be Costing Less Than Rupees 9000

The specialty of this smartphone is being said to be as it will be a 3 GB smartphone, that will be worth of Rs.8,999. And will be launched in the year of 2018 in the markets.

As per the sources, it is said that this smartphone will bring all the key features to the customers that they are looking for in a smartphone, especially when it comes to Samsung.

What Will Be The Effect Of its Launch on Other Company’s Smartphones

The launch of this smartphone from Samsung will be a big nightmare for Xiaomi. It will be more than a danger for the Chinese company Xiaomi, to lock horns with this new and modern launch from the hub of Samsung. By keeping almost Xiaomi in its sight, Samsung dared to launch this new smartphone.

What could be the logic behind Samsung’s launch of this featured smartphone in the market for its customers?

This Samsung’s adoption is much capable to be a biggest barrier in the market of Xiaomi. Samsung knew that Xiaomi is much capable to attract the customers towards its products, when it comes to looks, features and specifications of the smartphone.

Being a king in the smartphone market, Samsung has taken a bold move by launching this special smartphone for its consumers. By keeping in mind all the requirements that consumers would like to have in the Xiaomi smartphone.

Challenges that will be faced by Samsung while launching this smartphone?

Samsung Smartphone Leaked Images, Stunning Feature, Launch Date

The biggest challenge in front of Samsung while launching this smartphone will be the product positioning in the market. And also Samsung needs to shape and set its product in the consumer’s mind in that manner, like that of Xiaomi did earlier.

Now, if we’ll talk about the business, it is obvious that it could dominate being a higher brand of Samsung but on the other side of it Xiaomi will not lose any of their effort to overtake it again when it comes to low budgeted smartphone.

As we all know that Xiaomi is already winning hearts of million customers from its magnificent performance and best user experience when it comes to low budgeted smartphones.




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