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Sony Experia Note Unnoticed Specs, Price in UAE, Saudi Arab

Sony Experia Note Comes With Exclusive Features, Specs, Price in Dubai

So how are you all there. As evolution in the technology of smartphones is at its peak, every smartphone company is continuously regenerating its technical aspects as it is becoming a big cut throat competition in the markets for smartphones. After the flagship smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, One Plus and other players have raised the revolution in their smartphones. Sony has geared up too and is all set to step out in the smartphone market with its gigantic smartphone – Sony Experia Note. Here, you will get to know about Sony Experia Note Unnoticed Features, Specs, Price in UAE, Saudi Arab.

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Sony Experia Note Unnoticed Features, Specs, Price in UAE, Saudi Arab

As in the smartphones market, the demand of the elegant smartphones have risen like that of iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, Sony also has tighten up its sleeves to provide its customers with a class along with something new in looks and technology as well.

When it comes to smartphones, Sony never has set itself back from giving its customers with the best. Neither it has let itself down in technology upgrading. Like other flagship smartphones, Sony too does not compromise with its elegance, class and user satisfactory level of its customer.

Here you will get to know about Sony Experia Note Unnoticed Features, Specs, Price in UAE, Saudi Arab. Though Sony’s previous smartphones have also surprised its customers with its absolute technical elegance. This time also it’s Experia Note smartphone will make its customers absolutely surprised.

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Sony Experia Note : Specifications

As per the leaked sources, the Sony Experia Note is hybridized and designed so that it could give a tough competition to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. For later on Sony is also looking further to develop its another hybridized smartphone called as Sony Experia Edge, which will be another devastating from the hub of Sony.

You must have heard a lot about iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy s9 Edge that have launched in the market recently and are the highly recommended smartphones when it comes to go for the flagship ones. Now it looks like Sony has joined the party too. This gigantic beast, will be launched by Sony sooner and will be coming with 4K display, SnD 845 chipset.

When we talk about its CPU performance, undoubtedly, it has a power builder processor which has an inbuilt of Octa-Core qualcomm snapdragon 845 chipset.

What will include in Sony Experia Note is 6.2 inch OLED display with 4K pixels resolution, which will be having the maintenance of aspect ratio of 18:9. Moreover, its flagship display would also be getting IP68 certified dust/water resistance.

Whole structure of this smartphone will be like a glossy body and a screen with bent sides, in an angular manner. Much similar to that of an essential smartphone, the front camera will be seen on the upper side of the front screen which is of 16 MP. The specifications of its pen would be like that, the S Pen with it is also angular, so will be fit within the edged glass side of this stunning smartphone.

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Samsung has never ever compromised with its users on the basis of camera quality. If cameras are the main concerns to know about, then undoubtedly, Sony Experia Note has the camera quality including Dual OIS with Laser Auto Focus & PDAF, AR Compatible. It will also be having a dual camera, both loaded with 21 Mega Pixels in it.

Talking about its storage, undoubtedly Sony Experia Note comes with the two variants in the likes of 4GB RAM with 64 GB of ROM and another with 6 GB RAM with 128 GB ROM, which could be expandable upto 256 GB with the help of Micro SD card. And for the display finger scanner, this Experia note will feature a Sony Pen with it for its Note series.

Along with all these stunning features, it will be having a hassle free unlocking system in it, that could be done using a fingerprint scanner in it. As per the sound systems of this smartphone, then undoubtedly, Sony has loaded that quality with dual top and bottom firing stereo speakers.

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The expected battery capacity of Sony Experia Note would be about 3200 mAh. The release date of this sensational smartphone from Sony is expected to be in the month of August of the year 2018. Also the price of this smartphone would be nearly about $845 USD. That is nearly around 3100 AED.

(Disclaimer: The up given is assumption, you may get the actual price from your nearer store after the launch of this smartphone).

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