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Sooner The Renault’s Kwid May Wear This Bold Look That May Insist You To Forget Alto

Renault's Kwid Concept- A Quick Review.

So how’re you all guys! Now the beauty to work on Car Blog is that you get to write just about every kind of car. As there is small cars, big cars, cheap cars, really expensive cars, slow cars and also the favorite ones- the really fast cars too. But the Renault we are having in our blog today, is something a little bit different and one that’s putting up a big smile on the face of viewers. So it’s time to say hello to Renault’s Kwid concept car.

Let’s Have a Look At The Review of Renault’s Kwid Concept Car 

Let's Have a Look At The Review of Renault's Kwid Concept Car 

Now this car may be just a concept but it is dropping some of the serious hints about the future. Let me inform you that it is actually what it looks. As it’s length is 3.6 mtrs. and does have just of 1.2 kl petrol motor. That absolutely means it fits perfectly into the small cars definition for the Indian market.

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Now you have to look pass at the extravagance of this concept which includes the flip out doors, the ultimate and broad looking tyres concept to see the substance underneath too. What this is hinting at, is the upcoming next generation Duster, the another boss look car from the hub of Renault.

Let's Have a Look At The Review of Renault's Kwid Concept Car 

May sound you strange, but it might go into rivaling with the another giant from Ford named as Ecosport.  That’s why it has been designed by taking inputs from India, Brazil, Russia. As the designers from all these countries have worked on different aspects of this car. So this is really going to be something interesting.

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What it’s Designers Say About The Make Over Of This Renault’s Kwid Concept Car?

What it's Designers Say About The Make Over Of This Renault's Kwid Concept Car?

Well, according to Sebastien Tran Dinh, the Chief Designer of this version of Renault Kwid –

The whole interior designing concept of this car has been done in India. And basically through the concept, we’re exploring some direction, that might definitely come to best production car in upcoming future.

The result is a square and squat form. There are almost no overheads and also the wheels are pushed out at all the corners. As this gives the Kwid, the strong go anywhere attitude. There is no shortage of Kwid’s key and futuristic elements too. As for an instance, the turn indicators in the headlamps stick out at the corners and are also very useful that way. Also its rear view mirrors are replaced by the cameras. And also at the rear there are some funky tail lamps.

Renault Kwid Back lighting System

As you can see that new Renault’s Kwid has flip opening doors that absolutely will bring smile on your face and also make you feel to be seated in a rich and luxurious car too. This is what is one of the really amazing aspect in it. Here in the driver’s seat I’ll bet you it will give you an absolute feel of the Aircraft’s cockpit too.

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The Editor’s Conclusion

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