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Top 3 Revolutionary Smartphones With Ultimate Features That Nobody have seen yet.

Top 3 Revolutionary Smartphones With Ultimate Features that are going to create a massive havoc in the smartphone market in the upcoming time

It is no doubt that in today’s golden era of globalization, new and rapid innovations in the technology have made the mankind to fall deeply in love with it. But have we ever wondered what’s coming up next. As this is the real suspense that innovators keep alive in the mind of people who seek for next innovations. Welcome to the next big thing in the technology lifestyle. As in this blog article you’d be introduced to the top 3 revolutionary smartphones with ultimate features.

In this era of rapid and new innovation you’d be able to know what’d be the upcoming specific features in the smartphones and why they’d be so special and attractive for the mankind.

Top 3 Revolutionary Smartphones With Ultimate Features That Nobody have seen yet :

After our thorough research on the technology and smartphones, GO FOR EXTREME HIGH has provided you the best 3 smartphones that might make you feel like….Shockingly Amazing !

Amazing Expression Smartphones

Introducing you with the list of top 3 revolutionary smartphones with ultimate features that nobody has yet experienced.

#3. The Luxurious Smartphone : DOOGEE TITANS 3/(T3) 4G Smartphone


The Luxurious Smartphone : DOOGEE TITANS 3/(T3) 4G Smartphone
Source : Google

No. 3rd in our list of top 3 revolutionary smartphones, is DOOGEE TITANS 3 or Doogee (T3) 4G Smartphone.

Doogee T3 is different from other models. It’s not only high end in its configuration but also is enriched with an elegant design and with amazing superior quality.

It comes with metal frame and leather cover case which can even resist water very well. This time DOOGEE has done well in its back case. It’s maintained with 4.7 inch HD display screen and 0.96 inches top screen. We may be curious about top screen which is designed for time display and message reminder.

Its main screen also comes with IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with 16 million colors.

The Luxurious Smartphone : DOOGEE TITANS 3/(T3) 4G Smartphone
Source : Google

You can experience the nice and real color of the screen when watching the videos. It also uses MTK Helio X20 2.3 Ghz Deca Core 64 bit processor. This processor is pretty able to control more power consumption than other processors.

As per its memory is concerned, the smartphone comes with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory that is pretty enough for everyday use.

Doogee T3 has some unique and smart function such as Iris recognition for locking privacy protection. It has smart keys to have access to the other useful functions quickly.

Meanwhile, the device runs Android 6.0 operating system. This is also 4G LTE smartphone to support Dual SIM Card.

Like other smartphones it is also HD dual camera smartphone with 13 MP rear and 5 MP front camera.

As per its battery is concerned, Doogee T3 has 3200 mAh battery capacity for which it is counted in those smartphones with qualitative battery life.

For its sensational look and smart features, this phone is awesome to buy at a price tag of $199 USD which is approx. Rs. 12,800/- INR

#2. Lenovo C Plus (Curved Smartphone)


Lenovo C Plus
Source : IB Times

No. 2nd in our list of top 3 revolutionary smartphones with ultimate features, is new and amazing featured first curving smartphone called as Lenovo C Plus.

A phone that you can wear on your wrist. The device features a 4.26 segmented screen and runs android. The segmented screen is how this device can actually bend around your wrist. However, the C plus was not only the device that Lenovo showed off.

It looks pretty much elongated phone from the front. Lenovo’s concept seems practical because as it is bended the phone slowly begins to shift its operational screen on your wrist.

Folding Phone
Source : Mobile Net


The interesting thing is that Lenovo says that folding display in it is a problem. But it is when you’re bending it out which is the case here with smartphone. It is because of how the glass or what ever is covering the panel itself is being stretched. To know more view full video review from Android Authority.

Video Source : Android Authority

#1. COMET Smartphone


COMET Smartphone
Source : Android Authority

We love technology. But have we ever wondered what’s coming up next and how it can change our lives. Introducing you Comet the first buoyant smartphone. the no. 1 in our list of top 3 revolutionary smartphones with ultimate features.

Having the tremendous required feature of water resistivity, dustproof and floating in water feature. 😮 How ?

World's First ever floating Mobile Phone Comet
Source : Google

As it is especially built by considering buoyancy in mind by the engineers and designers. Enriched with mesmerizing design turquoise LED. Real time lapse, slo-mo and many more featured quality in camera.

Ever wondered these simplistic features that any phone could offer ?

Dual cam makes use of the front and rear cam together. A messenger only for comment users. Bubble messenger connecting people beautifully and emotionally.

Enjoy the real essence of newly launched smartphone with extraordinary and mind blowing features.

Editor’s Last Words. 

To provide users with better performing and compatible devices, the smartphone companies are making their best efforts day and night to manufacture the product that could be able to fulfill the almost requirements of their consumers. Unlike of the flagship companies like Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel, most of the smartphone companies are trying to provide their users with more compatible and best featured handsets in their hand.

Thus, it is obvious and affirmative that many smartphone companies are fighting really hard to give their users with something which is unique and that they haven’t experienced or seen yet. So it is obvious that they could get a better user market out there.

If you found this blog post on ‘top 3 revolutionary smartphones with ultimate features’ pretty valuable, please forward it to others. And if you are having any of your information or query that you’re going to share please feel free to share with us in our comment section below. Want to post any of your advice or suggestions to us, please post that in our ‘Write Us‘ column in the ‘Menu Bar‘ above. Also have a free sign up to our Newsletter for more amazing and exciting updates.


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