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Top 5 Unbelievable Smartphones with Crazy Features That You Won’t Believe Are Existing

Top 5 Best Smartphones with Crazy Features

In today’s smart era, many smartphone companies are making regular high efforts to introduce world with something amazing and unbelievable. Sometimes the cameras of the devices are made so powerful that many people get attracted towards it. Bold look of the mobile devices have also made people amused. Many of us also get attracted towards the storage, sensors, battery capacity and many other things. Here today we’ve decided to introduce you with top 5 best smartphones with crazy features you won’t believe actually exist. The unbelievable features will definitely make you fall in love with these devices.

Top 5 Best Smartphones with Crazy Features That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


Top 5 Best Smartphones with Crazy Features

Ever since, Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone, smartphones have been a latest avenue for innovation with rocking new and eye catching designs.

Smartphone companies are trying to make the people act with their setting of new and lofty standards for future smartphone makers.

With this being said, prepare yourself to be completely amazed by these top 5 best smartphones with crazy features that are unable to believe, actually exist in this era. Let’s get started.

#5. Nintendo Plus – The Best Gaming Smartphone


Nintendo Plus – The Best Gaming Smartphone
Source : IB TIMES

No. 5th in our list of top 5 best smartphones with crazy features, comes the mighty Nintendo Plus. The best ever smartphone for a game lover.

The new Nintendo Switch has been the best selling game console in the new generation of consoles. The dubbed Nintendo Plus concept has been derived from the idea of transforming a Nintendo game into a Nintendo Smartphone. This smartphone is enriched with the top features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Amazing Features of Nintendo Plus

It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor with a screen of 5.1 HD full AMOLED panel. It has upfront stereo speakers and dedicated gaming buttons, including 4 action buttons, a D-Pad and two thumb sticks. Enriched with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory.

The Full Concept of Nintendo Plus
Source : Concept Phones

It has a kick slider and rotation opening mechanism, that lets you spin the screen however you like it. Amazing battery capacity of around 3000 mAh, 12 MP Camera and a hidden nano SIM slot.

That’s really awesome for game lovers, isn’t it ?

#4. Triple Display Flip


The Flip Phone Concept

Supporting a triple display running android, the Triple Display Flip is kept at no. 4th in the list. It could be shaped even like a book. It has three flexible curve super AMOLED covered by Gorilla glass for touch input.

Flip Phone Concept 2
Source : IDKUL

Also has a 4 quality keyboard with QWERTY quality.

With steel mesh at the hinges and aluminium case allowing the phone to be flexible and yet strong. It could be configured to take up the six different positions also. Amazing, right 😀 ?

#3. Lenovo C Plus


Lenovo C Plus - A new innovation

On no. third in our list of top 5 best smartphones with crazy features is Lenovo C Plus. With an exclusive curve screen feature, Lenovo C Plus is one in the sensational. By designing C Plus, Lenovo skipped the whole curved phone face and introduced a bendable phone that can also double for being used as a watch band too.

C- Plus - A Folding Smartphone Used As a Wrist Watch too
Source : YOUTUBE

By using its flexible screen and a segmented body to allow the phone to bend without any breakage. C Plus will be coming in two sizes, large and small.

Reviews by the people after testing it said it was like a feeling of traditional inflexible phone components such as a battery. In this bendable device stuff without damaging anything, there are present concepts of such technologies. It seems as per the demo of this sensational product by Lenovo, C Plus will definitely reach its market.

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#2. Zenophone AR


A review on ASUS Zenfone AR
Source : SAG MART

On no. 2 we have new Zenophone AR. This smartphone looks normal at first site. Featured with large 5.7 inches screen with the resolution of 1440*2560 pixels. And is also enhanced with WQHD super AMOLED display. Optimized with 821 Snapdragon processor.

New ASUS Zenfone AR Review
Source : iTech Post

It is one of the first phones to use the new Google technology’s tango and daydream to make it even more exceptional.

The AR Technologies use motion attracting sensors. The high resolution cameras and artificial intelligence to determine the physical surroundings around you. Then uses in it an info-red projector to give you the amazing experience of augmented reality.

 Making it an episode star trick, every time you use this phone.

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#1. The DRAS Phone


The DRAS Phone Review
Source : CORE 77

On no. 1 in our list of top 5 best smartphones with crazy features is The DRAS Phone. Due to new inventions and innovations in the technology today, the smartphones keep going bigger. And also the screen real status is increasing  with each new phone release.

Reviewing The DRAS Phone
Source : CORE 77

Putting a new iPhone in your pocket is becoming a more daunting task. The DRAS Phone design addresses this by combining a folding screen and a solid frame to allow it to be unfolded in a compact standard format.

The DRAS Phone's Folding Screen
Source : CORE 77

Allowing users to check messages, time or even fold it into a mini phone that fits perfectly inside your pocket. The use of the touch screen interface is the most attractive and innovative feature of this phone.

Using sensors to detect finger touch to allow folding without affecting the touch screen performance of this handset.

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Conclusive Words By Editor.

From today’s content regarding top 5 best smartphones with crazy features, we got to know that the rapid and continuous change in the technological area might interfere bluntly in the market of those flagship phones in the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google and others. To sustain in the sight of a consumer for a longer time, it is indeed a need of every company to design and innovate their product as per what could attract a customer in a better sense so that he could be a convertible customer.

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