Top 5 Cool Smartphone Gadgets to Buy on Amazon under Rs.500

These are the top 5 cool smartphone gadgets to buy on Amazon under Rs. 500 INR

Hey guys, What’s up! This is me, back again today. Welcome to the brand new blog post from my blog. As today in this blog I’m going to tell you about top 5 cool smartphone gadgets to buy on Amazon under Rs.500. So straightway, let’s get started.

Top 5 Cool Smartphone Gadgets To Buy on Amazon


Number 1 tech gadget in the list of Top 5 Smartphone gadgets is, a smart wall charger and it costs only Rs.99. So this wall charger has plastic build quality which is not that great but its specialty is three USB outputs.

The max power it can throw is 3.1 ampere which is 5 Volts and 1 ampere. And in this you can also plug it in the socket and it has a regular European pins and when you plug it in the socket, it shows up a blue LED which tells that it is on and now you can charge your three devices at the same time.

smart wall charger

The special part in it is that you could be able to charge three devices with it at the same time. And if your phone supports fast charging, it’ll not charge as fast as fast with default charger.

But at the same time, if you’re traveling and you’re getting only one socket in your hotel, you can keep a devices for charging overnight and they will charge fully.

So here, overall I would say that for only Rs.99 INR, it’s an amazing deal.

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Next and the tech gadget no. 2 in the list of top 5 cool smartphone gadgets to buy on amazon is this USB key chain cable. It only costs Rs.99 INR.

This USB cable is about 23cms in length. Its specialty is its key chain functionality.

You can carry it with your key-chain or you can use it as a key-chain.

USB key chain

It also has the lock which holds it pretty well. But by applying force you can open it and if your phone supports fast charging, this cable also supports fast charging.

You can charge your phone quickly.

Also the amazing thing about it is, it also supports the data runs.

For that you do from PC to your phone.

Overall I would say at emergency times if you want to charge your phone or if you want to transfer data and you don’t have any USB cable nearby you.

Then, you can just use simply a key-chain to do that.

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Next one in our list of 5 cool smartphone gadgets to buy from amazon is mobile camera lenses and it costs Rs 105 INR.

So it comes with three different lenses. (i) The Wide Angle Lens, (ii) The Macro Lens and (iii) Fish eye lens.

So lets start with the fish eye lens first.

The procedure to activate it on your smartphone, you have to screw these lenses with the given attachment and clip it in on camera of your mobile phone.

mobile camera lenses

Fish eye lens views very wide. As it covers 180 degrees wide area.

Now lets move up on the Wide Angle lens. It gives a go pro kind of look, which action cameras have the wide angles.

Now in the Macro Lens, the far objects are less clearly seen as the nearest objects are seen clearly.

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Next in our list is High memory NFC tag stickers and it costs only Rs. 75. This NFC tag has the memory of 888 bytes.

To use this tag first you need to have NFC functionality on your phone, then you have to download the app called NFC tools on your smartphone.

With this app you can set up the commands for this NFC tab.

High memory NFC tag stickers

In that command you need to set the command for your phone number address or you can open any application.

That you could only do by strapping your smartphone once on this tag from the left side of the upper bottom of the phone.

Its specialty is that, it’s just a sticker. So you can make anything NFC like your key chain, wallet or you can just stick it on a mobile phone or its cover.

But do make sure that you’re sticking it to the left bottom of your phone because at the right side back of the smartphone it already has the NFC sensor connected in it.

And now if someone asks you about the address or your phone number, just give them one tap and also it is available in the pack of 6 and will cost you Rs. 350 but if you wanna purchase only 1 unit, then the price you have to pay is just Rs. 75 INR.

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And the tech gadget no.5 in our list of top 5 cool gadgets to buy on amazon is the Portable Mobile Phone Tripod and it costs you Rs.99.

So the build quality of this tripod is fairly good for the given price and also it’s very portable you can carry it inside your pocket and its height is just around 14 centimeters.

And when you reach its legs to the max, it reaches about 20 centimeters, which I would say is pretty good for the portable tripod.

Portable Mobile Phone Tripod

And also its head is movable. It has the ball head.

You just have to loosen the screw and adjust the head at whatever direction or angle you want and then tighten the screw again to adjust the angle and the direction.

Again it can go up to 180 degrees for portrait.

And you don’t need to worry about the fall of your smartphone from it, as it has a leg on it for support.

From its top you can mount your smartphone from the smartphone mounter.

The mounter will hold your mobile tight and will not allow it to fall.

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